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Standard Operating Procedures are the cornerstone of consistent improvement in every department of a successful, growing company. Efficient Documents has a unique, flat-rate approach that allows companies to easily budget the cost of creating and maintaining procedures.

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Efficient Documents was founded by Avery Kramer after he realized that he could help companies more as an outside consultant building their systems than as an inside employee managing their operations. Since 2002, Avery has been working in project and operations management with start-up companies in the food, fuel and pharmaceutical industries. The bulk of his career has been spent trying to balance the documentation requirements of government agencies and large partners with what is appropriate and effective in a small company environment. Efficient Documents is the company Avery wished he could have called when he was working as an Operations Manager. By focusing on the needs of managers and business owners, Efficient Documents creates the tools that companies need to scale-up and succeed.

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When are procedures important?

Updated, well-written procedures act both as an insurance policy for unexpected events as well as a record to capture valuable lessons so organizations can improve. The following list describes a number of general situations when written procedures are important. There will be many others not listed here that are specific to your organization.

Training Employees

With written procedures, employees are taught the most up to date way to perform company tasks. Without these written procedures, quality of training depends on who is delivering the training that day and how much they remember.

Selling the Business

Well documented companies are typically sold for more money than those without written procedures because new owners can easily maintain operations.

Absent Employees

Unexpected absences put strain on an organization, especially if multiple absences occur at the same time. Managers can use Standard Operating Procedures to more easily delegate tasks and make sure no critical activities are missed when the company is temporarily short-staffed.

Scaling Up

If a business is growing, additional employees will be added to the organization and expected to perform to the same level of quality as the rest of the company. Written procedures allow products and services to remain consistent with a larger workforce working at multiple organizations.


When a business downsizes, important decisions must be made about what resources will be divested. These decisions are driven by various metrics that are only valuable if they are applied consistently across the different resources being compared. Written procedures about how to report metrics ensure that important decisions are being driven by meaningful data.

Performance Appraisals

When manager expectations are explained to employees in terms of written procedures, evaluating performance is objective and straightforward. Without them, differences in opinion about performance can undermine the effectiveness of appraisals to motivate employees.

Using the Phone

When employees receive calls or make calls, there is usually a specific desired outcome. Telephone scripts are written procedures that direct employees how to react to particular scenarios and so they consistently and efficiently deliver the company message and gather required information.

Coaching Employees

It is easy for a manager, or even a fellow employee, to modify incorrect behaviors by simply referencing a Standard Operating Procedure.

Controlling Quality

When employees perform tasks according to a written procedure that has been developed to efficiently deliver a product or service, the final deliverable will be of better quality and lower variability.

Incident Investigations

Unexpected incidents are inevitable and can be very costly. It is important to be able to quickly determine the events that led up to the incident and figure out what can be changed in the future to prevent it from happening again. Written procedures, especially if they are being followed correctly, give incident investigators a great deal of information about whether the normal procedure needs to be changed or not.

Marketing Campaigns

Creating a brand that customers trust requires considerable effort by the company. Using written procedures to describe how to use the company logo in branded materials and deliver marketing messages online ensures that communications will be consistent and uniform.

Delegating Tasks

It is easy to delegate a task if there is a written procedure that clearly explains how something is done. 

Improving Morale

Standard Operating Procedures give employees a reference that clearly explains what is expected of them, how they need to perform the tasks at hand, and why it is important to perform tasks that way. By removing variability from the process, employees simply repeat the process over and over again. Repetition instills efficiency and they become very proficient over time.

Communicating Improvements

Suggestions for improving processes can come from any member of the team. Some of these suggestions are good while others can be counterproductive. When there is a formal process for updating Standard Operating Procedures, these suggestions can be vetted and incorporated into the procedures by management. The updated procedure is then communicated to all employees through training. 

Preventing Injuries

In certain work environments, cutting corners to go faster or make the job easier can result in an increased risk for injury. By providing clear instructions of how to safely perform a task along with the necessary time and resources for employees to properly complete the procedure, the company prevents people from getting hurt. 

Maintaining Compliance

In most regulated industries, Standard Operating Procedures are required to ensure a certain level of quality.

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