Services Offered

Efficient Documents is a Hawaii business consulting company that focuses on writing custom Standard Operating Procedures for small and medium sized organizations. In large companies, Standard Operating Procedures are the fundamental tool that ensures consistency across the organization. The fact that a procedure is written down means that it can be referenced as the standard way of doing things and only changes when the process can be improved. Standard Operating Procedures can have the same positive effects in a small company, but most small companies don’t have the time to put them together. Developing and maintaining these documents takes considerable resources and large organizations will often have dedicated personnel that focus on making sure processes are current and being followed. Efficient Documents levels the playing field by providing an economical solution for small businesses who want to outsource their Standard Operating Procedure authoring and updates so they can focus on implementing those changes rather than writing them.

We are business consultants based in Hawaii that work with you at your location. Your part is as easy as explaining your business as if you were speaking to a new employee - you won’t have to do any writing. We provide professionally formatted documents that are concise, easy to read, and designed with best practices for organizing documentation. Procedures is our business and we help our clients by providing 3 basic services: Business Process Analyses, Standard Operating Procedures, and Document Tune Ups.

Business Process Analysis

Often times, the most difficult part of putting together documentation for a company is figuring out where to start. Our Business Process Analysis evaluates your company’s activities and employees to identify vulnerabilities in your operational processes. This is an analysis we designed in-house specifically for prioritizing procedures and is not performed by other Hawaii business consultants. During the analysis, we will look at the frequency of activities, how important they are to your organization, and how difficult it is to train personnel to perform those activities. Individual employees are also assessed to understand what activities they are involved in and their level of participation. The entire analysis is documented on a scorecard and helpful for developing a plan for what procedures should be documented first. It also helps business owners understand who their most critical employees are and what the company can do to minimize the impact of them unexpectedly leaving the company.

Standard Operating Procedures

While other Hawaii business consultants may offer Standard Operating Procedure authoring as one of the many services they provide, we have built our entire business model on it. We are streamlined to accurately gather all the information about your individual processes, organize the process details into logical steps, and quickly present a comprehensive document that can be used in your organization. There are lots of reasons to have your company activities documented by Standard Operating Procedures including:

Better Training

One of the most obvious benefits to having written procedures is having better, more consistent training for new hires. Having procedures documented means that a new employee is trained on every important aspect of the job they have to do, regardless of who is giving the training. The Standard Operating Procedure becomes a “training checklist” that can be used with new employees during their orientation or existing employees that need to be retrained. Without a written document, training can change considerably depending on who the trainer is and how much the trainer remembers that day. Having consistent, quality training makes it more likely for your customers to have a consistent, quality experience. 

Clear Responsibilities

Everyone is happier and more productive when responsibilities are clearly identified. Standard Operating Procedures spell out exactly who is accountable for each task. Employees know what is expected of them and managers can very quickly determine who needs additional training when things go wrong. When employees are out sick, it is very easy to identify what work they were doing and what tasks have to be picked up by others to keep things moving smoothly. Without written responsibilities, mistakes can occur because certain tasks are not performed when things change or key personnel are out. When documentation clearly assigns tasks to individuals, the team is much more adaptable to changes in the work environment.

Better Management

Sometimes it is difficult for managers to let go of certain tasks because they are so important that they need to be done perfectly. Unfortunately, when this happens, the managers aren't managing. They are only operating as high level employees to execute the work themselves or micromanaging employees to make sure the process runs smoothly. When sufficiently detailed written procedures are coupled with a good training program, managers can take a step back to let employees do the work so they can focus on managing the group.

Learning as an Organization

Successful businesses are always improving. Employees doing their jobs over and over again are naturally going to get better. Having a centralized set of procedures that outline how the company operates makes it much easier to capture these improvements and ensure that everyone is utilizing them. Without written documents, valuable lessons learned by employees are not easily passed on to others and the organization loses knowledge when key players move on.

Increasing Company Value

At some point, many successful business owners become interested in selling their company. Potential business buyers are much more interested in a successful organization with clearly documented procedures and systems designed around them. A typical, but unfortunate alternative is the company that has no documentation or formal systems and can only be run by the owner. Even if this company is successful and has been run like this for decades, it will not be as valuable to outside buyers because so much knowledge will leave the company when the original owner leaves.

Document Tune-Ups

As Hawaii business consultants striving to provide the best value for our clients, we offer document tune-ups to ensure that procedures are always up to date. Committing company procedures to paper is a major undertaking and extremely satisfying when completed. It doesn't take long, however, before procedure improvements are made or the work environment changes. If procedures and other documents are not maintained, they can start to become irrelevant. It is a tragedy when the company has made a significant investment in bringing procedures up to date, but then subsequently left to become obsolete and irrelevant. At this point, employees lose faith in not just the obsolete document, but all of the procedures that the company has invested in.

Efficient Documents offers Document Tune-Ups at a flat rate so our clients can easily and economically keep their procedures up to date. We even offer pricing incentives to keep the procedures updated on a regular basis.